We’ve had a nice day today.  Davey and I went to Atwood’s, but we’d missed the fall batch of Chicks, ducks and geese.  Davey was disappointed, but he took it well.  “It’s okay Mommy”, he said.  So we went over to Dollar General next door, and he picked out a Christmas ornament for the tree.  He enjoyed that.

He slept from before 8pm last night until about 7:30 this morning.  It seems like the better he sleeps at night, the more likely it is that he will take a nap.  So he took a good long one today.  It had been a few days since he’d even taken a nap.  He woke up happy.  The first thing he said was, “It’s missing a piece,” and pointed at this little puzzle he’d been working on.  I found the piece later.  He’d left it in the living room.

He’s getting so excited about his birthday.  “My birthday’s coming”.  Then he will ask, “Is Oma coming?  Pa is coming?  Papa Jerry is coming?”  On different days he mentions different people.  He has asked a couple of times if Mitzi is coming!  He wants “cupcapes” and candles.  I asked him what he’d like to have for his birthday.  I don’t know why, he really doesn’t have much of a concept of that yet.  But he thought about it for awhile and then he said, “OH YEAH! Toys!”  I guess he has a little bit of a concept of it!

Last Saturday we went to Manchester (a little community outside of Arkadelphia) for the pumpkin days festival.  It was a lot of fun.  Davey loved it.  They had a fishing booth thing – just like when I was a kid at our Halloween carnival we used to have in Mannford.  Davey held the pole, and someone stood behind a wall and put a prize on his hook. He loved it.  He did it 6 times.  The nice thing about this festival was that everything was reasonably priced.  It cost 50 cents for one round of the fishing game.  There was a little playground which he loved.  He’s starting to really love the slide.  He had a cupcake.  Always a plus.  He enjoyed looking at the pumpkins too.




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