Friday and my pattern begins to emerge

We just drove in from Texarkana this morning.  We spent the night there last night with Davey’s Pa.  Davey just loves to play with his Pa, and they had a great time.  We went to Chick Fil-A and played in the play area there.  Later we went to the park, where Davey played with several kids. (They are all friends to him.  There are no children who are strangers to him!)  The highlight (maybe for me the most!) was feeding the ducks.  We fed them an entire loaf of bread.  These ducks were practiced in the art of getting bread.  Many of them could catch every bite you threw to them in mid-air!  We’d look up and see more ducks running to us just as fast as they could waddle.  That was a funny sight!  Davey loved it.

I didn’t knit much on my sock, as I have to concentrate  as I get used to the pattern which is now just beginning to emerge:

I plan to work on it more this afternoon.  Should probably be doing that while Davey is taking his nap.  He fell asleep on the drive home.  Even let me carry him in without really waking up.  I put him on the couch and he is sleeping away.  So much playtime and fun just wore him out!

Davey with his Daddy and Pa.  We were getting ready to leave.  He was pretty tired!

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