Her Bags are packed…she’s ready to go.

Frazzled hot sweaty Arkansas Christina is all set to go to London.  I know this is a little weird, but I couldn’t stand to seal her up in a plastic bag for protection.  I had to leave it open at the top which kind of defeats the purpose of protection.  I didn’t much like taping her in the envelope either.  Maybe quite a bit weird.  But Davey and I are getting ready to take her to the post office.

I am through with the leg of my Roll in the Hay Sock and am starting the heel flap!  I made it through the transition row! There was some errata for that row as well that I found on ravelry.  I was able to figure out it though without too much trouble.

I will take pictures of the heel process.  I love making the heel of a sock.  There are several ways to do it, but I only know one. (Although, as I work my way through this book, I have a feeling I will learn others.)  I do a standard heel, and it is just such fun.

Ok, time to go say bon voyage to mini-me.  Oh, I started re-reading A Walk in the Woods last night by Bill Bryson.  I read it probably 10 years ago.  I made the mistake of starting it right before I went to sleep.  David was already asleep.  Bill Bryson makes me laugh so much.  I was trying to not wake David up, so laughter tears were just rolling.  He is magical in his humorous writing.  I love him.  I guess I am stating the obvious when I say that I highly recommend this book.  As an added bonus, I am learning a lot about the Appalachian Trail.

Davey is feeling totally recovered an is back to his normal energetic self.  Yay for that.

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