Heel Flap, Turn Heel, Shape Gusset

Moving right along on my sock!  (A Roll in the Hay) Yesterday I knitted the heel flap.  I did a slip stitch heel, and I just thought it looked so nice with this yarn in particular.  Here it is!

Next, I turned the heel:

I am fascinated by the heel of a sock.  You take a tube, add a flap, pick up stitches and make this cool heel.

So now I am working on “Shaping the Gusset”.   If that term doesn’t make a person feel like a “real knitter”, nothing will!

It occurred to me that after I finish this sock, I need to knit the other one.   That’s a problem when I am already looking longingly towards the next pattern.  I don’t suppose that I could work my way through the book, knitting only one sock from each pattern.  What if I promised to come back and knit the second ones later?  I know, bad bad idea.  The second sock should go much more quickly though now that I have figured the pattern out.

And then I will start a pattern called Two To Tango!  It involves a little color work where I will knit little fishies!

It’s pretty cool outside today (relatively speaking).  Davey likes to go downtown and “stroll”.  He gets in his stroller and we wander around town. So I think we are going to go do that now before it gets too warm or the sun comes back out.

Finally, this morning, David and Davey were building.  I was trying to take pictures of them, and Davey kept saying, “Mommy you startled me!” everytime the flash went off.

Davey loved the giraffe they built:


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