Tantalizing Tuesday Tango

Ok I really can’t tango much today with my sock – I need to get over the alliteration too. (that probably won’t happen though.  I enjoy it too much!)  I have got to finish my other projects.  I can’t wait to share them next week.  Well, if they don’t turn out to be hang off the body or floppy armed short waisted disasters.

I began the heel flap last night.  Cuff is done!  All I can see when I look at this picture is that vertical line running down the middle of the sock.  Small problem when going from needle to needle.  Oh well, it’ll block out.  (At least I will comfort myself with that for now.)

I think one reason that I love this sock so much is that those colors are just very soothing to me.  The blues remind me of the ocean.  It’s so darn hot here.   I have to stop talking about the heat though.  It is ONLY June 22.  We’ve got July, August, and part of September.   Oh but I just mentioned it today to explain one reason why this sock appeals to me so much.  (and the fishies are just too fun!)

Davey and I walked around town this morning.  We ended our walk at the thrift store.  We like to check there periodically for toys for him.  Last week we found a Wiggles Guitar.  Today we found a mega blocks Fire Truck.  1/2 price sale so it was $2.00!  He loves it.  He’s been pulling it around the house and filling it up since we got home.  Here you can see that playing can be serious business.

Here I got him to say “cheeeeeese”:

Finally, I wanted to share this blog – the Frugal Life Project .  I just discovered it a week or so.  She usually posts at least 2 times a day.   Things like sales at Old Navy, or a great sale on a park bench at Amazon the other day (with free shipping!).  Yesterday she put up a link to a Disney website.  You can set up a phone message for free where a Mickey Mouse character will call and leave a personalized message for your child.  I set it up to call this morning  for Davey.  At 9:00. Great planning on my part – we were out walking.  So we missed it – the answering machine didn’t get it. I will try again.  Anyway, she puts up coupons, recipes, all kinds of stuff.  I love it! (You can follow it on facebook and twitter as well.)

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