Two To Tango: Or “I Could Have Danced All Night”

Started Sock Pattern #2 in The Joy of Sox – “Two to Tango”.  I am totally addicted.  I did not want to put these down, but I am down to the wire now on my secret (gift) projects.  I really like fair isle, but I am pretty new to it.  I have never done it in a sock.  I have had tension problems when I tried it once with a mitten, so now I am really focusing on “keeping it loose and relaxed”.  This seems to be working.  I am using the technique where you have one color in your left hand and one in your right.  So I guess I am knitting Continental style from the left, and English from the right.  Talk about making a person feel like a real knitter!

First though, I knitted the cutest fun cuff.  It’s got a little ruffle to it.

And now – see the fishies?

This yarn is so soft and squishy too.  It’s the Knit Picks Stroll – Tonal.  It feels so nice and is awesome to knit with.  The colors are just right too.  I can’t wait to get back to it today!

Yesterday we had a nice Father’s Day.  Davey wanted an entire party.  We went to Walmart, and he wanted balloons, streamers, cups, decorations, and games.  We settled for a small cake, candle and singing “Happy Father’s Day to you”. This made him very happy – oh and David too!

And finally.  Yesterday David overheard Davey talking to our little Daisy girl.  She’s an older girl who we adopted a few years ago.  So Davey was sitting with her saying: “We love you sooooo much.  You are a precious girl.  You love wagging your tail and eating food and drinking water.”  Sweet boy.

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