Playdoh Baby, Heel Flap, Puzzle, and an Elizabethan Collar

Davey created a Playdoh Baby yesterday.  He carried him around and told us how much he loved him.  At some point, he divided the playdoh baby into twins.  Then they magically came back together.  Here is a photo of Playdoh Baby:  (David and I quietly said out of Davey’s hearing that Playdoh Baby kind of resembles an internal organ of some type.) You can see how much he is enjoying little “PB”:

I started the heel of my sock last night. I did the heel flap and finished turning the heel. Now it is time to pick up the stitches around the sides.

I love the two-color heel!  I don’t know why there is that wrinkle in the middle.  These photos make me nuts.

Two more things about the sock.  I described the cuff as having kind of ruffles.  Well my knitting friends at my knitting group last night helped poor rather blockheaded me.   My friend Karen said, “oh those are waves at the top”.    Hadn’t occurred to me despite the fact that I am knitting fishies in water.  Then I wondered, “Why is it called Two to Tango”?  My friend Lori suggested it is because I am using 2 colors.  Sounds reasonable and had also not occurred to me.

Davey and I went walking again this morning and ended at the thrift store.  Today we found some great German puzzles!   On one of them, you connect the mommy animal with her babies:

I love this little puzzle!

And finally – Poor Koko.  She has a wound on her elbow that is not healing well.  So, Elizabethan Collar.  Poor girl, I just hate to put it on her.  She doesn’t like it either.  She’s 14 and has enough challenges as it is being arthritic and almost deaf.  Now we had to put that collar on her.  Here’s hoping her elbow will heel (I have typed in heel like that 10 times.  I have heel flap on the brain.)

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