Oklahoma! OK!

We are heading out on a little trip to Oklahoma today.    It will be a busy time with lots of visiting.

So  I was contemplating starting my next project in the Joy of Sox on the drive home.  I haven’t gotten #2 done yet, so I was trying to decide if I was breaking my rules.  Then I thought – well they are my rules.  I am going in order and this is a special circumstance as I would like to put the driving time to good use, but I am limited as to what I can knit because I get carsick.    These socks are called Takeout for Two.  I have never knitted anything like these before, and I probably wouldn’t have if  I wasn’t knitting this book.  Which is why I like this project so much.  I probably wouldn’t have tried out the little fishies pattern either.

I am decreasing my heel now on my fishies sock and am getting ready to settle in to the foot.  I am hopeful that at least the first sock will be done by the time we get back home.

Davey is running around the house lamenting the fact that the little sticker he got from the nice lady at Walmart is torn.  “Mommy, my sticker is torn!”  So dramatic!  He is already very expressive.  He gets that from his Daddy. (no drama from his mama.)

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