Fun Friday!

We are having fun in Oklahoma!  Right now Davey is playing with his Pa, and in a few minutes we are off to see Oma and Opa.  It’s been a non-stop playing extravaganza almost since we crossed the border.

We stopped at a Dollar Tree in Northwest Arkansas where I bought him a few things to give him periodically to make the drive a little more fun.  He kept asking me, “What else do you have in that bag of junk?”  I admit, it’s not high quality stuff – but I just don’t know where he got the word Junk!

We played with our friends in Tulsa until about 9pm.  A splash park and then Shawna and Tony’s house.  He loved playing with Sarah and Lily.  When he woke up this morning (he’d been asleep when I brought him in) I asked him where he was?  He grinned really really big and said, “Lily’s house!?” 

So I have no pictures today, no real knitting news – I did get to work on an ongoing sock for awhile while David drove.  I couldn’t work on my fishie sock as it required reading and more careful study. 

Ok off to follow Davey in fun!  Happy Friday.

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