Back home!

Home again!  I have missed blogging.  We got in at about midnight.  Davey was asleep about 20 minutes after we left Tulsa.  He was worn out and is worn out today.  However, he had a wonderful time.

I finally get to blog about my presents for my nieces.  I knitted February Lady (young lady) sweaters for them.  I used the soft and squishy Cotton Supreme.  Great stuff.  Wonderful to knit with. I have been fretting over how the sizing was going to go.  I made the smallest size and then adjusted for the arm and body length using patterns for a 10-12 child size.  Here’s Mikayla.  I think it fits pretty well.  There’s some room for growing too though.

Here is Jaydn’s.  Ideally I would have made it a little longer.  I still could.

Overall, I think they turned out well!  Plus my beautiful nieces make the sweaters look better too! So fun to knit.  I had started one for me, and now I need to get back to it and finish it up!

I didn’t work on my little fishie sock hardly at all.  Instead I finished a sock with Plymouth Happy Feet in a dk weight.  It’s a basic sock with a 3×1 rib.  It is a wonderful pattern by Plymouth as well.  It’s a great first or second sock pattern.  I say second because I learned to knit a sock by following this wonderful tutorial by Silver Sock.  I didn’t have anyone around to teach me at the time, but this took me through step by step.  So anyway, these socks are so comfortable and were great to knit on while riding in the car.  I needed to finish the second sock because I need the needles soon for my next sock pattern in Joy of Sox.

I took so many pictures while we were at home.   Davey played with all his grandparents.  He played with his cousins.  He met new wonderful friends who are the children of my friends.  It was a great time for him.

Here he is playing doctor with his cousins.  I mean this measuring is SERIOUS business!

Here he is (post-chocolate cupcake) playing with his Aunt Karen:

We went to watch Mikayla and Jadyn play softball.  Afterwards Davey and Jadyn had fun running through the sprinklers!

I am still going through my photos and trying to weed out the good ones.  I take too many in hopes of a couple of nice ones.  I really like this one we took yesterday at the park.

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