A Cool Refreshin’ Drink of Water

Davey and I have been outside this morning.  Poor David is outside too, but while Davey and I were watering flowers and taking pictures, David is weed eating and getting ready to mow.   We went outside to take some pictures of some washcloths I finished knitting yesterday.  Or they could be dishcloths or really whatever kind of cloths you wanted (except for maybe scrub the toilet cloths.)

I got the idea to do them with seed stitch.  (k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 over and over.) I didn’t like knitting seed stitch with loose cotton on a size 10 needle much, but I do like how they turned out.  Pretty simple, but I liked the simpleness of it.  (Simpleness seemed more right than simplicity.)

Then Davey wanted to water the flowers.  Our flowers are certainly not going to die from lack of water.  They may drown instead.  As he was watering the flowers, he told them over and over:  “Here is a nice cool refreshin’ drink of water.”

Meanwhile David is weedeating:

And I am taking silly pictures of myself:

(gosh I am getting freckly.)

Unfortunately, these idyllic times often don’t end well.  I cropped some of the sadness out of this pitiful photo.

Luckily Davey never stays upset for long.  He shook the remaining water from the hose onto me as fast as he could. That made him feel a little better, and then he walked inside with me pretty much recovered. I didn’t take a picture, but he was happily back inside watching Sesame Street about 30 seconds later.

My Rock-a-Bye Baby socks are coming along.  I did the heel flap last night and turned the heel.  It’s a neat flap.  I think I have always done a slip stitch heel, and this was was a 4×4 rib to kind of continue the pattern from the sock.  I love how it is looking.

Ok, it’s a little too quiet.  Better go see what Davey is up to.

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