M&M Cookies, Mom?

Davey and I are getting ready for Aunt Karen and cousins Mikayla and Jadyn.  Davey is very excited about their visit, and together he and I have decided to make some M&M cookies for them.  “Mom do we have all the ingredients?  Flour?  Butter?  Vanilla?  Sugar?  Lately he starts to get silly at some point and gets all scatological on me – so one of the ingredients he suggests is likely to be “Poopy Diaper?”

(He also has a song he made up which involves a “Poopy Diaperosaurus”.)

Oh, and it looks like I am now only Mommy when he calls for me in the middle of the night.  I’ll take what I can get!

Anyway… he was busy this morning playing with  these “objects” (as he calls them.)

My dad made them.  Davey gets them out sometimes and has fun arranging them.  I love to take pictures of his little hands:

And the look of concentration (which makes him look just like his daddy – oops I mean Dad):

Lastly, Rock-a-Bye Baby sock #1 is coming right along.  I am finished with the heel and gusset and am making my way down the foot.  I’d like to finish it today if I can.

Here comes Davey ready to go get the ingredients!

1 thought on “M&M Cookies, Mom?

  1. Looks like a rather busy day for Davey and Company. Love the “objects.” The poopy diaper song cracked me up–we also had one. If I were to sing it now DD would think I’d lost it, but it brings back happy memories. Imagine poop doing that!

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