Saturday, Spradlins and Socks

First, Rock-a-bye Baby Sock #1 is complete.  It’s one of my favorite socks that I have knitted so far.  The yarn is great, and it’s a great pattern.

My niece Mikayla modeled the sock for me.  It’s a little big on her since she is 10 and doesn’t have my giant feet.

Karen, Mikayla, and Jadyn got here yesterday evening.  Davey enjoyed helping me prepare for their visit by helping me make the M&M cookies.  He decorated one and called it a giraffe:

At first, it didn’t really occur to him to eat the M&Ms, but when it did finally occur to him, off he went:

And was quite happy about it:

I am teaching Karen to knit socks this weekend.  I cast on a pair to knit along with her.  We are both using Plymouth Happy Feet in the DK weight.  So far, so good!

David took a picture of us on the back porch.  Karen was knitting, and I’d just gotten home from my walk/run.  I was gross.  Thank goodness for the crop tool.

Davey loves loves loves having Mikayla and Jadyn here.  I have ceased to exist except for an occasional passing hello, or if I am lucky a hug.   I am happy that they are having such fun.

Here they were last night blowing bubbles.

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