The Family that Knits Together – Knits Together

Today’s title is taken from a quote from our high school band director, Mr. Arnold, – although that was “The band that stays together – stays together.” It’s actually the caption for this:

Great isn’t it.

I have been teaching Karen to knit a sock.  She knitted the heel flap, turned the heel and knitted the gusset!  Another sock making lover (monster?) is created.  (Plus our knitting inspired Mikayla and Jadyn to knit too.)  I have been working on one with her, so I haven’t knitted much on my second Rock-a-Bye Baby.  Plus, David is putting me to work.  Knitting work.  He is lining up the jobs for me.  Ok not really, but I am knitting some photo props for a former student of his.  Today I have to get some of those size 35 knitting needles – “broomstick” needles they are called.  I am going to knit a baby hammock and cocoon.  Made a cute little hat last night.  So anyway, I hope to get back to the socks today!

And it is also the weekend of Winkie the Zhu Zhu pet.  I am new to all this so hopefully I got that right.  Mikayla and Jadyn introduced him to the pets.  We had to get him one on Saturday.  He dances and laughs with just glee when those little things are zipping and spinning down the hall.  (They race them.)

It’s been sidewalk chalk, swimming at the pool, building sand castles at the lake, zhu zhu pets, making cinnamon rolls, and nonstop play.

Here’s the sidewalk chalkers.  I think Davey was supervising from the comfort of his chair:

Oh man, and we can’t forget the “monster cage”!  Jadyn and Davey worked quietly on this for a long time last night.

4 thoughts on “The Family that Knits Together – Knits Together

  1. Assuring that the knit goes on…that’s way cool. I have taught a few children to knit, including my son, and a few adults. And, oh yes, my grandmother!

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