Slapjacks and the Little Elf

David made breakfast this morning.  He made flapjacks, bacon and eggs.  David is the best egg cooker in the world.  He makes the perfect fried egg.  Over easy without a trace of runny white.

Of course Davey wanted to help him.  One of our nicknames for Davey is the Little Elf.  This morning he was reminding us of Buddy the Elf.  Just a barrage of questions one after the other:  “Daddy, are you going to make slapjacks?  Do you have all the ingredients?  What are the ingredients?  Where is the recipe Daddy? Can I help?  Can I stir?  Where’s the eggs?  Don’t eggs come from farms?  How do we get them? What happened to the butter?   On and on!  He ate two slapjacks though – we were glad he liked them!

Davey and Daddy measuring ingredients:

Davey carefully transfers the ingredients:

Now he and Daddy stir:

And on another topic, here’s something else that surprised me.  A couple of days ago we took Davey to the doctor.  Before we left, we talked to the doctor about his pacifier.  She kind of explained to him how it would be best to stop using it and that it could affect his teeth.  I don’t know how much impact this had on him, but when we got home, I put all the pacifiers away.  He had been having a paci still at naps and bedtime.  Well we just didn’t give them to him, and we haven’t mentioned them at all.  He hasn’t either!  Not one word at bedtime, or in the middle of the night if he wakes up.  Nothing.  I’d been so worried about this last part of giving up the pacifier.  It made me want to cry thinking of him pining for his paci.   So far so good though.  No pining at all.

And finally, I am on the homestretch with Rock-a-Bye Baby #2.  I am rapidly approaching the toe.  Yay!

2 thoughts on “Slapjacks and the Little Elf

  1. A few other details: the buttermilk was spoiled (it had a broken seal), so we had to default to the mix in the box, which was just as good. Also, Davey calls his pacifier his “ta”, pronounced like “tahh”. And he has not mentioned having one in two days now. Incredible.

  2. That is so funny about Davey’s pacifier, or as we called it, binky.

    My son never had any interest in a binky, but my DD? Big time! When DD had her first dental appt. the dentist sat us down together and told us all the problems she could have if she didn’t give up the binky–jaw, teeth alignment, etc. That night when I put her to bed without the binky, she looked up at me and said, “doctor said no more binky.” And that was the end of that! She never put one in her mouth again, but for weeks afterward, I found the ones she had stashed away and forgotten.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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