Rock-a-Bye Baby socks are complete!

I finished the Rock-a-Bye socks last night!  I was so ready to get them done.  What a great pattern though.   Some of my favorite things about this sock:

I love the 4×4 heel flap.  Taking pictures of my own foot is always fun too.  I still can’t get David too interested in taking pictures of the different parts of the sock.  Heel flap?  Gusset?  What?

I love this diagonal design and how the pattern comes to an end at the toes:

And I like all the greens in the yarn.

My photography assistant was not really in the mood for photos today but he cooperated on the condition that he get to water the flowers.  When he came outside he said, “Mom, the flowers don’t look beautiful.  I will talk to them and they will tell me that they need a nice drinky.”   Unfortunately, once he had control of the hose he wanted to water everything but the flowers.  (although I managed to stay fairly dry.)

So now it is on to pattern #5 “Movie Socks”.  They involve bobbles and lace.  I bought a second set of size 0 needles, and I am going to have both socks going at the same time.  I am knitting with a Knit Picks Comfy Fingering Yarn in Lilac Mist.    We shall see how it goes.  I hope this yarn works out ok.  Someone else on ravelry used it for this pattern, and I talked to her about it.  She really liked how it worked up.  She also mentioned learning to knit backwards to knit the bobbles.  That sounds a little scary too.

Davey and I are heading out for a little picnic in a minute.  He just brought me my drinking cup so he is ready to go I think.  Saturday we cooked hotdogs at “Plan B”.  This is what we now call the place we grilled on the 4th when all the “Plan A” lake spots were taken.    “Mommy, are we going back to Plan B?”

Here he is thoroughly enjoying his plain hotdog bun.

Here we are –

It’s hard to get a straight on smiling shot these days – but then I guess that might be boring anyway!

“Mommy?  Are you done with your blog yet?”

2 thoughts on “Rock-a-Bye Baby socks are complete!

  1. I adore the pictures with Davey’s feet in them. What a treasure! He is so adorable — and I am so envious that you can knit socks and they FIT you !!!

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