Perseverance & an unholy mess

I’d planned to go to Hot Springs sometime today to see if I could find some size 0 metal needles.  I don’t think I am going to make it.  The reason is that Davey and I decided to organize my yarn.  What a mess.  How have I accumulated so much yarn?

I remember going to our local yarn store for the first time 2 summers ago.  We were still living in Glenwood and I’d just started knitting again.  This is a kind of embarassing memory, but I clearly remember meeting Claire (the owner of our LYS), and telling her in all seriousness:  “I accumulated so much stuff scrapbooking.  I do not want to do that with knitting.  I am only going to have 1 or 2 projects going at a time.”  Claire, if you read this, were you laughing on the inside?  You didn’t show any signs of it at all.  If you could see my yarn now.  And I really didn’t think I had that much.  I explained to David that it reproduced on its own.  I don’t even remember some of it.  It had to have.   I’d take a picture, but it is an unholy mess, and I just really don’t want photographic evidence of it.  So, instead of going to get needles, I need to finish organizing my yarn.

I started a small shawl/scarf this weekend.  Something to work on until I get my zeroes.  And, I did buy new yarn for it. It’s a light fingering merino/mohair nylon blend.  I should have enough though for 2 projects.

I found the pattern on this blog.  She’d written about her trip to Alaska, and this shawl was inspired by her hike on Perseverance Trail.  (That word is so hard for me to spell.  I used to be a good speller.)  It’s a really fun knit.  Stockinette, 1/2 Linen Stitch, reverse stockinette.  Here’s what it kind of looks like so far.  It will need to be blocked  but here’s an idea:

So that’s my fun project to do until I get my Size 0 needles.  (Because I like to have only 1 or 2 projects going at a time.)

Davey was building a castle for Tasha this morning.

He made her a throne too:

Resistance is futile with a look like this:

As I was organizing, and I’m not done yet, Davey decided he wanted to knit.  He’s been talking about knitting a lot lately.

Knitting, even pretend knitting, can be a little frustrating:

I didn’t get a photo of it, but he soon had a ball of yarn with a double-pointed needle sticking out of it.  He explained that it was a woodpecker.

Ok the mess I’ve made with my yarn is making big David a little anxious.  I must return to it and persevere.

5 thoughts on “Perseverance & an unholy mess

  1. Your shawl is off to a beautiful start! and I am with you on the spelling – perhaps I should have chosen a different trail to name it after! I always want to add an extra “r” in there and the spell check comes back as wrong!

  2. I am trying to stash bust right now with Christmas and Fair projects. If I don’t get a handle on it, my yarn will start running us out of the house.

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