It’s going to be 106 today.  All I can do is try to think cool thoughts:

I took my Perseverance shawl to the waterpark yesterday.  Even though it was 6pm, it was still probably 100 degrees out.  I am a most dedicated knitter, but knitting outside with a wool/mohair blend was just a little crazy.

I watched Davey play with a sweet 5 year old girl.  She took him under her wing.  She held his hand and led him all around.  She wanted to catch him and help him up each time he went down the frog slide.  He loved every minute of it.

She held her nose when she went under the water, so he followed her around holding his nose, but he didn’t go under water.  She explained to him that it was easy to go under.  “You just close your eyes, close your mouth, hold your nose, and kick your feet.”  (He still didn’t attempt it.  I am going to feel much happier once we get him some lessons next summer.)

My metal needles should be here on Thursday.  I am itching to get back to my bobbly socks.  I still may run by Hobby Lobby and/or Michael’s this afternoon to see if I can pick up some needles there.   Or I could just be patient.

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