Now We’re Talkin’

I wasn’t patient.  I couldn’t wait.  We went to Little Rock yesterday, and I got my size o metal needles.  These are Boyes.  The ones I ordered are Susan Bates, so it will be interesting to compare them.  So far so Great!

Don’t they look sturdy!

Davey just ran back to our computer room as fast as he could to announce “The washer is almost fixed!”  And now he’s gone.

And now he’s back!  “Mommy, we are done!!!”  A screw fell out of the dishwasher last night.  Apparently this one screw is what prevents the entire dishwasher from falling out of the frame.  Because after the screw fell out, the dishwasher just about fell onto my foot.  That just doesn’t seem right to me.  But the capable Davids have taken care of it.

So back to my metal needles.  So far they feel great to knit with.  I haven’t tried a bobble with them yet, but I anticipate strength, resistance and non-breakage.

I have to share this blog entry I read today also.  It’s from Eskimimi Knits, a blog I just discovered the other day.  If you loved the book One Hundred Years of Solitude then you have to check out these mittens that she designed (and she explains the story behind them.)  If you’ve never read this book – it’s wonderful.   These mittens are a beautiful design from a beautiful story.  I am trying to convince myself to just buy the pattern, but she is selling the yarn on etsy as well.  The pattern is free if you buy the yarn.  I am going to try to not let myself.  (Refer to my Unholy Mess blog post for one reason why!)  I love the yellow butterflies, and I love the butterfly in the palm!

She’s also celebrating her blog’s one-year anniversary and is giving  away a copy of the book!

And finally, it’s only going to be 105 today.  (as opposed to 106 yesterday.)

4 thoughts on “Now We’re Talkin’

  1. The needles match the socks!!

    Those mittens are gorgeous, too. I think they’re definitely going to be my winter handwarmers!

  2. Thankyou for your kind words about the Flutter Mittens. I am going to visit the haberdashers tomorrow and treat myself to a length of yellow satin ribbon to attach the mitten to so I can then thread them through my winter coat ready for the cold weather.

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