Happy Anniversary! Davey says, “Party Time!”

8-5-89.   It’s our 21st anniversary.  We were 21 when we got married.

We told Davey that today is the day we got married a long time ago.  He said, “And I was sitting in my seat watching you get married.”  You just have to agree.   He does not get the concept that there was a time before he was here with us.  That’s understandable.  I can’t imagine it either.

Davey quickly saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a party.  “Cupcakes?  A Cake?  With Sprinkles?  And Candles?”  So we are off to get a cake soon.   I thought about baking one, but turning the oven on when it’s already 90 degrees out (it’s not quite 10am yet) just doesn’t seem like a great idea.  Big David prefers a good old store-bought cake with that crisco-ey icing anyway.

My Movie Socks are going great.  I hope to finish the first one today.  My working on 2 at a time didn’t quite pan out this go around due to my snapping the 3 needles in half.  So I will be on the bobble section on sock #2 when I get back to it.  I am looking forward to more bobbles though and seeing how they do on the metal needles.

(This photo is inspired by eskimimi.   I like how she photographs her knitted objects on a white background. Now if I can improve the rest of my photography and photoshop skills.)

Davey and I were playing barbershop yesterday.  He first played this with his cousins the other night with some little stuffed animals and combs.  But after he got home, he decided that he wanted to adapt the game to humans.  Specifically to himself.  I gave him a water squirter to play with.

In order to get his hair wet, he preferred to put the squirt bottle directly against his head:

Ok all wet and ready to style:


Not quite right, so he needed more water.

He was having such a good time:


I guess I might get in trouble for sharing this story and these pictures someday.

And finally, 103 today.  This is what I have started calling “slap you in the face hot”.  I kind of prefer it to the insidious humidity we have when the temperature is in the high 80s and 90s.  Kinda.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! Davey says, “Party Time!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! 😀 I’ve got mine coming up this month as well, although I haven’t achieved such an impressive number of years yet. 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary! At my house we call barber shop “Sally.” I have no idea why, except for the fact she calls herself Sally and I am Fred.

  3. Congratulations! We celebrated our 25th this past Feb!
    If you haven’t hid the scissors you should do so now! This is definitely the “barbershop” age and the next thing will be a trim — Sherah’s hair went from long to really short in one afternoon while I tried to fix the damage she and a friend did!

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