Flowers & Pick Up Sticks

Davey picked a flower for me.  I love when he picks me a flower.

Yesterday, I finished my first Movie Sock.  It fits!  Looks good too I think.   Now I am bobbling along again on the second sock.  Bobbles on metal needles = much easier life.   The strength and stability is great.

My other metal needles arrived via Fed Ex as well:  (Sorry, David is teaching me some Photoshop, and I may be having a little too much fun.)

Each needle size is a different color.  I need a color decoder.  I can probably figure it out with my little needle size guide thingamajig, although these include some really small sizes.

Davey enjoys getting packages of any kind, and he was happy to check them out. (By the way, he got a haircut yesterday.  He now loves to go to the barber with Daddy.)

We decided to try to play pick up sticks with them.

That did not work too well though because the needles were too slick and shiny.

I couldn’t resist an opportunity to take a picture of Davey’s little hand though.

Who knew that we could have so much fun with a package of metal knitting needles?

We decided on cupcakes for our anniversary celebration.

First Davey added some sprinkles.

Then, we put some candles on the cupcakes, and Davey worked really hard to blow them out.

Davey and David also worked together on the candles.

Davey is like his dad and prefers the icing.  And pretty much only the icing.

And finally, it is only supposed to be 94 today with a 50% chance of rain.  We had a small shower yesterday.  We were on our way into Walmart, and we had to just stand outside and enjoy the rain for a moment.  We tried to keep the dancing to a minimum.  It felt wonderful though.

A good day.

4 thoughts on “Flowers & Pick Up Sticks

  1. Those cupcakes look delicious!

    Off the top of my head I can’t remember which sizes the blue and red needles are, but the gold are 2mm and the greenish ones are 2.25mm. Like the photoshop skills, too. 😉

  2. Such sweet photos! looks like fun 🙂

    I have those same metal needles for socks – they are so small! haven’t used any yet, but I have plans this fall!

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