Unbloggable Morning?

It’s Saturday morning, and Davey and I are hanging out.  We’ve been doing some laundry, sorting some pictures, and now he is watching a little Barney.  I knitted a few rows on my Perseverance shawl while he was eating breakfast as well.  We had Fiber One Pop Tarts.  “Cinnamony!  Brown Sugary!”  Davey says.  I am just happy to find something he will eat for breakfast even though it would not qualify as healthy food of the year.

This afternoon Davey is going to a one afternoon VBS.  It’s from 1-5.  That’s about the longest time he will have been away from us.  He is ready to go RIGHT NOW.  I think he will probably have a great time.  I’ll be kinda sad.  David should be home from Oklahoma when Davey is done with Bible school.

That’s about it.  David had a good run in Tulsa.  Had a good time running with old friends, and he placed 3rd in his bracket!

I asked Davey to smile for me this morning.  He did, but instead of cheese he said “Pee pee Pee pee”.  You can kind of see it in this photo:

He’s all about pee pee and poop these days.   I guess it’s the ongoing potty training that keeps him thinking about it, although I think he might think about it anyway.  He’s way too amused with himself every time he says either one.

And so it’s a kind of not much going on Saturday morning, although that’s a fun Saturday morning too.

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