My Boyfriend’s Back

I’ve been looking for the opportunity to use that as a  blog title since I started knitting these Boyfriend socks!  I began the second sock last night.  It was great to be going on a sock again.  (You’d think that I’d been away for years instead of just 2 days.)  I really really really like fair isle though.  This time the challenge is going to be to make a more seamless seam.   I think giving the yarn a good tug when I come to a new round to kind of bring it together better will help too.  I was so worried about the tension on the first one, that I might have been a little loose at the seam.

We went to Little Rock yesterday to meet my parents as they passed through town.  We met at Chick Fil A where Davey had a high time as usual, although there were a few brief moments of drama.   It must have been everyone’s last hurrah before school started, because the place was packed. I’d been watching him from right outside the door, but when I went in to check on him and get ready to leave,  there was a little girl just pulling on Davey’s arm yanking him all over the place.  Davey had about 2 inches and 5 pounds on her, and he could have knocked her flat.  He just wanted to play peacefully poor little gentlemanly kid.  I guess?  He was looking overwhelmed, and he desperately wanted to get away from her.  When he saw me, he burst into tears.  Poor kid.  I rescued him from the wild little girl, and we left with one of the balloons that they’d been giving out.  As soon as we got to the car, he semi-accidentally released the balloon.  I couldn’t believe how fast it traveled way way way up high.  We watched it for a long time.  Davey alternated between thinking it was cool how high it was and being sad that his balloon was gone.  “Come back balloon!  Come back!”

My brief moment of drama on that trip was being backed up in traffic for 30 extra minutes as we drove into Little Rock.  Stop and go with lots of just stop in almost 100 degree temps.   What I couldn’t believe was what was causing the back-up.  We finally made our way to the end (front?) of the back-up.  There we saw 2 guys with little shovels.  They were meandering around the lane, delicately placing asphalt into small potholes.  I watched them slowly drop the asphalt into the little holes basically by the cupful.  Then tap tap tap as they spread it around.  (I am very glad that our roads are being maintained, but there has to be a better time than the middle of the day in 100 degree weather – with 18000 semis trying to make their way down the interstate.)

Speaking of the weather:  100 degrees again today.  I am not complaining.  at all.

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