Oh Koko

This has been another long day and it isn’t over yet.  I still have to go finish getting the moving sale ready.   I figure 10pm will be a good time to get it finished up.  David just got back home so he can help me.  It will go faster with him.

This afternoon, David was moving the piano out.  He had the help of a couple of guys.  They took the piano out through the back, and they left the gate open.  Timber the husky and Daisy the half o’possum (as David calls her) chose to come inside since the back door had also been left open.  Koko, the almost 15 year old Chow, took the opportunity to go on a grand adventure.

I returned home with Davey.  David said a few minutes later (after we noticed Timber and Daisy inside), “where’s Koko?”  We searched the yard.  We searched the house.  We saw the open gate.  No Koko. (This does have a happy ending.  I do not like stories with any animal tension that do not resolve very happily!)

So off we went.  David roared off in the car.  Davey and I started looking around the back and next door houses and woods across the street.  Davey didn’t want to go into the “forest”.  I didn’t either.  It was so thick and brushy and hilly though, that we really didn’t think Koko would either.

Then David returned.  No Koko.  Davey was getting tired of walking so we switched.   Davey and I took the car.  I decided that she’d probably take the path of least resistance.  Most ways out of the neighborhood involve pretty big hills.  We took the no hill route into another neighborhood.

I was yelling  “Koko! Koko Puff!”  I was frantic that she’d already become exhausted and had fallen somewhere to die.  I was about to panic.  Then we came around the corner.  There was Koko doing a seriously crooked trot  (She has those vestibular issues.)  Her black tongue was hanging out of the side of her mouth halfway to the ground.  I ran and picked her up and hugged her all the way to the back of the car.

She scared us to death with her little crooked jaunt.  It was very unlike her to take off like that.

So it’s been another long day which is not over yet.   Not a chance of progress on my Boyfriend socks.   I knit about 4 rounds on my other sock while I was watching Davey play in the tub.

David also said good bye to his old Mustang today.  It went to a childhood friend, so that made it easier.

David, Davey, and his Mustang:

Davey and me and the Mustang.  (I first rode in it when I was 16 and the Mustang was olive green.)

Goodbye Mustang.   We’ll see you again!

Ok.  It’s time to finish getting the moving sale ready.

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