Finishing Touches

Almost done.  It was another busy day, but I think we are just about ready to load the truck.  We wanted to have most loose ends tied up tonight so that when the house is empty, we will be close to ready to head out.

Davey helped Daddy put the finishing touches on the front of the house today.  They mulched, did some painting, and concrete repair.

Davey played in the water in the front, and then it started raining.  He found it pretty funny to be doubly wet as a result.

I asked Davey to do a little fancy footwork dancing for me.  Surprisingly, he did!

And then a bashful look!

Tonight, Davey wanted his crib back.  “I want my black crib.”  David told him that if he had his crib, then he couldn’t come jump into bed with us in the middle of the night as he now sometimes likes to do.  (He did it twice last night.)

“Well Daddy, you can put a hole in the crib board so I can crawl out.”

And then Davey told him, “Daddy your bed is too thick (it’s kinda tall so it is a little tough for him to climb up, but he always manages.)  You need to throw it in the trash.”

Then he started laughing and said, “Oh yeah, you can’t throw it in the trash.  Your bed is too big for the trash!”

Just part of our pre-bedtime conversation.  Then he turned away from David to face me.  He wrapped both of his arms around my neck and fell asleep almost immediately.   Sweet boy.  I am glad I can blog about these times.

Ok so I won’t have computer access (I don’t think) until Wednesday or so.  I might have to figure out something, although I don’t know if it will work out.  I have gotten hooked on blogging every day!

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