Boyfriend Socks: Complete!

Yay.  I finished these socks last night.

I wore them this morning for awhile.  Not because of cold temperatures.  I just wanted to test their fit.   Surprisingly, they are about the best fitting socks that I have made.  I am looking forward to colder weather so that I can wear them.

It was not easy negotiating with my photography assistant this morning.  (the little davey.)  He wanted no part of photographing my feet and his.  He was watching Mickey Mouse.  So I promoted him to Photography Director.  I quickly learned that the going rate for an almost 3 year old photography director is 1 dum dum lollipop.  After we negotiated the terms, everything went smoothly.

So today – I will get started on the the Breakfast socks.  There are some new things for me to learn with these socks.  Something called twining?  I think I do that in the heel.  Then a “faux rib”.   Going to be fun!

5 thoughts on “Boyfriend Socks: Complete!

  1. Those lttle feet , aren’t as little anymore! Amazing how fast they grow. I love the socks. Great colors. Can’t wait to see the Breakfast socks. Davey’s going to be in the Stock Market when he grows up. Or…an Attorney! Great job. Socks and Son…:)

  2. These are beautiful! We miss you and wish you were here to enter your knitting in the fair. I entered 6 items: Liza’s dress and apron, a pair of red socks, a red scarf, Sam’s cabled vest, February Ladies sweater, and a fair isle hat knitted for Children’s Hospital. I don’t know if I have won any ribbons yet.

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