Puny Davey and Casting on

Davey and I are hanging out this morning.  He’s kinda puny.  His cold has really settled into his chest.  We don’t like how it sounds, so he’s going to visit the doctor for the first time in Colorado today.  We’ve been watching a little tv this morning and making cards.  He likes playing with the scraps and tools more than anything.   He did that for quite awhile, and now he’s resting again.  Trying to keep him somewhat still or he gets to coughing.   However, he’s 2, so keeping him still is pretty much impossible.

I tried to take some pictures of him, but as usual “poop” was the word of the day.  When he is saying “poop” over and over, it’s hard to capture anything but an “O” shaped mouth.

Or some variation there of:

I finally got a good grin though. (he looks pretty healthy here!)

I also cast on my new socks last night.  I had to cast on 144 stitches onto 3 needles which is kind of a lot.  Then I had to purl around.  Then purl 2 together all the way around.  Kind of neat – it created this pretty ruffle.

Now I am working the “faux” rib.  It’s called that because you do a k2 p2 rib, but you use two colors.  So K2 is with color a, and P2 is with color b.   Changing colors results in a less elastic rib which is where the term “faux rib” comes in.  And there you have it.  Everything I know about “faux ribbing”.  Maybe more than you ever wanted to know, but I love anything new!

Ok, time to watch some Little Einsteins with Davey.  He’s back hard at work at his little craft table.

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