Colorado Cold (Monday randomness)

It’s not cold here yet.  I am talking about the other kind of cold.  The common one.  Davey has had his for about a week, and his cough is starting to subside finally. He’s had the hoarsest little voice.  Now mine has kicked in.  I slept with Davey last night to make sure he stayed propped up on his pillow.  It seemed to help with his cough to be more propped up.  As David says, “it’s like we slept on top of the bed all night instead of in the bed.”  Davey and I ranged all over the bed.  I also determined that his new sheets are scratchy.  There were too many pillows, the sheets were scratchy, my throat was incredibly scratchy, Davey was coughing.  Fairly miserable.  Meanwhile David slumbered in peace in the other room.  (To be fair, he’d had the night of a wanderer the night before.  A coughing miserable 2 year old is like having a newborn again!)

So Davey and I went and bought new sheets today.  On sale at Kohl’s!  They are washing now.

We don’t really have a pantry in this apt, so we bought some shelves at Lowes for our groceries. Oh Davey enjoys this thoroughly.  He just got out the Nilla wafers.  I watched him dole them out – one for Timber, one for Davey.  Don’t know where Koko disappeared to.  Timber is patiently waiting for Davey to give him another one.

You know the produce has really been good in Colorado.  I bought red and orange bell peppers today.  They were on sale for $1.00 each.  They are usually so expensive.  They had the nice skinny asparagus too.  So tonight I am sauteeing asparagus, peppers, onions then mixing in some petite diced tomatoes and fresh parmesan to have over pasta.  In the world where I could take a decent food shot, I might try to take a picture of it, but unfortunately I don’ t live in that world.

Another wonderful thing about Colorado?  I found cinnamon ice cream in the King Sooper’s (same as Kroger just a different name.)  I have looked for a long time in grocery stores for cinnamon ice cream.  It’s better that I couldn’t find it as I shouldn’t eat it, but it sure is good.

On the knitting front:  I am almost done with the leg and should be starting the heel tonight.  (As I watch the season premieres of Castle and House!)  I will take a picture tomorrow.  No photos today.  I had classes most of the day, and then Davey and I went looking for sheets.

Ok the Nilla wafers are quickly disappearing.  I better go rescue them before Davey’s dinner is completely spoiled! Actually he’s now feeding them all to Timber.   (No chance of Timber ever spoiling his supper.)

Davey has also just informed me that he is taking good care of Koko and Timber and that it is time to take them out.  He tells me that they need to Poop!

2 thoughts on “Colorado Cold (Monday randomness)

  1. Ohhhhh! Which King Soopers has the cinnamon ice cream? Sometimes it’s hard to find. My DH loves it. So do I, but when I buy it I use him as my excuse.

    I don’t know if you’re into herbal remedies, but we have taken Cold Snap for years, since DD was in kindergarden, and I swear it works for stomping out a cold before it takes hold. I buy it at Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods. Some of the King Soopers carry it too. I hope you all get well soon.

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