Twining and Dining

Ok well no real dining here, but it was one of those titles that I couldn’t resist.  Although, we did dine at Johnny’s Pizza tonight.  It’s a New York style pizza place.  We really like it.  Davey eats their cheese pizza really well.  He ate almost a whole piece tonight.  His appetite is starting to return as he recovers from this nasty cold.  At Johnny’s, (and he always wants to associate the place with his Uncle Johnny) they give the kids a coloring sheet.  Once the sheet is colored, they hang the sheet on the wall or the front of the counter area where they make the pizzas.

Davey loves this.  He colors his sheet as quickly as possible and then starts asking, “Is she coming back?  Where’s the lady?”  Then he silently and bashfully (he’s been extra shy lately) hands over the sheet and then watches very intently to see where she tapes up his coloring sheet.  He LOVES it!

So I guess I did talk about dining.  Now about twining.  I am working on the heel of my sock.  It has a “twined” heel.  What you do is knit with two colors and alternate colors every stitch.  As you alternate, you drop the yarn straight down and bring the other yarn across so that it gets this woven look on the back.  It also twists the heck out of the two strands.  There is no avoiding it.  To do this right, you really need to hold them both in the right hand, so that makes it kind of slow going.  Every row, I have a twisted up mess.  There are even videos on youtube to show how to more easily untwist your yarn after twining.  I had something better than a video though.  I had a Davey solution.   First, though I want to put up some photos to show how nice the twining looks.  It makes for a stretchy more durable heel.  It’s really pretty neat.

So this is what the back looks like.  It has a braided look to it:

Now the right side looks kind of like regular stockinette, but because of the twist you get going with the yarns, one side of the knit “v” tends to stick out more, making it have a little different look to it.  At first, I thought I was not doing it right, but I think I am.  Others have had this result, and then I read in another place how people use or spin the yarn so that it has a certain kind of twist that works well with twining I think?  I get kind of glazed over when I start reading about the z twist or whatever the heck the different twists are called.  I am not ready for that amount of detail yet.  Maybe one day.  Kind of like you might not be ready for the amount of twining detail I am providing.  Anyway, here’s the right side.  It almost has a zig-zag look to it:

So I was talking to Davey about my twisting dilemma.  He watched me untwist my 2 strands of yarn, and he decided he had a solution for me.  So off he went to get his tools.  Here’s what he came back with.

A drumstick through each skein. He was so proud.  And rightly so.  They didn’t work, but that didn’t matter abit.  I loved his invention.

So the twining is slow going, but really pretty darn neat.  Maybe I can finish the heel tonight.  I am not quite ready for tomorrow’s classes yet though so maybe not.  I’ll get there.

4 thoughts on “Twining and Dining

  1. Johnny’s is great pizza! DD’s marching band has had Johnny’s on a couple of occasions. Love it when the parents get to have a slice.

    Glad Davey is feeling better. That was a clever idea with the drumsticks.

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