Autumny and Raindroppy!

Today Davey played at the playground, and he told David that it looked very “autumny” outside.  It did cool off quite abit today, and we had rain this afternoon.  That is when he peered out the sliding glass door and commented that it looked very “raindroppy” outside.

He got a haircut today.  So did David.  Here he is modeling the wonderful job they did:

Ok not really.  He’s turning his head the other way to get away from the camera.  I did finally get a face shot.

The pink under his nose is an icing remnant.  He got a cupcake today with Daddy – part of the potty training initiative.

I’ve almost finished the heel flap of sock number 1.   I have settled in on the twining, and while it is tedious, it is not too bad.  For some reason, I am doing something now that results in my yarn not getting quite as twisted.  Not sure what I did, but it makes life easier.

So I should be starting the gusset tonight.  It may require more twining now that I think about it.  hmmm.  Better go check it out.

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