Small World

The other day Davey and I met a new friend.

Here’s how it came about.  When I started blogging regularly, I began reading more blogs.  Knitting blogs are my favorite to find.  I am not sure how I found Susan’s blog.  I think it was one of those times when I sat down and wandered from blog to blog.  I’d read a blog, see what blogs they read, go to one of those and so on.  Somehow I ran into her blog.  So then maybe I commented on her blog, and then she came to check my blog out and we started chatting between blogs.

So then we recently moved to Colorado.  Well it turns out that Susan lives in Colorado.  I thought, “that’s neat.  Maybe we’ll meet sometime.”  But the other day, I posted about the cinnamon ice cream and she wanted to know where I’d gotten it.  Turns out she was also very close to this grocery store where I got it.  So she lives about 3 miles from us.  Isn’t that nutty?  I met her out of the blue in blog world.

She met us at Chick Fil A the other day, and we had a nice lunch.  She knits a lot too, so we are going to knit together soon.  I forgot to tell her that I want her to teach me how to knit 2 socks at a time.

She’d also mentioned that she has a friend whose daughter goes to the school where I teach.  Turns out the friend’s daughter is in one of my classes.  Isn’t that crazy!

So that is the story of how I met my blogging friend.

6 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I love this story! I just followed the link from JelliDonut’s blog. It’s fabulous that you two found each other online & then discovered you live that close together.

  2. Ha! That’s neat.
    I read JelliDonut’s blog, too.
    But I’m not in CO.
    My husband is a high school history teacher. This year one of Hubby’s friends has one of his former students in her college class. In a totally different state. Yeah, she had fun flipping that kid out when she called him by the nickname Hubby had given him.

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