Socks and Dinosaurs

I am making progress on my sock.  I am well on my way down the foot now.   Here you can see the two birds slowly emerging.

The birds are on the top of the foot, and underneath the foot is more twining.   The twining looks different in the round then when done back and forth on the heel flap.  When I knit in the round, I was able to do a more normal looking stockinette.   Maybe if I practiced more, I’d get a more normal look on the back and forth twined knitting. That is, if I practiced more.  I love the way twining looks.  I love how it is stretchy.  I am not particularly liking the process though.  It’s ok, the twisted yarn just makes me nuts.  I am glad to have learned how to do it, but I don’t really want to do it again.  Unless, however, another pattern in this book calls for it.

Here’s how it looks on the underside.  And I do like this look!

Here’s a rough look at how the sock is coming along:

I really hope to finish sock #1 this weekend.  Then I will start sock #2.  Holy Twining.  Yikes.

Yesterday we went on a short hike on Triceratops Trail in Golden.

It was just about 1/2 mile long which was perfect for Davey.  Actually the 1/2 mile was perfect, but the trail was out and back so in total it was 1 mile.  Here was Davey on the “walk” back:

He settled in and got quite comfortable.  (Davey that is.)

But at first he walked along great.  We walked down into a ravine to look at some T-rex tracks:

He was very interested in all the fossils.  See?

Or maybe he was just looking at this:

Davey acquired minor injuries as a result of being so close to the fence.  Here David is removing splinters.  I really like this picture despite the reason for its being taken.

And here’s our usual family shot as taken by David!

We drove up Lookout Mountain Road after that.  We only did part of the drive.   It was a good road, but it was very curvy and switchbacky and steep.  Davey started saying that he wanted to turn around.  “Now Daddy!”

We stopped for a moment and I took a few pictures.  Davey and I said we could see all the way to Oklahoma!  He saw Nanny and Pa’s house and Oma and Opa’s too!


2 thoughts on “Socks and Dinosaurs

  1. I love your sock–it’s beautiful!

    I see David got the memo about cargo shorts. You can’t be a guy and live in Colorado without cargo shorts. DH has a dozen pairs. Or maybe it just seems that way when I do laundry…

    I hope Davey had a great time.

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