Monday, Monday

Busy Monday that began at 6:15.  Davey woke up early this morning.  I had to get up at 6:30 anyway, but still…early!

Today I wore some of my own socks for the first time.  I’ve made all these wool socks and it is still too warm to wear them.  So I wore my purple cotton bobble socks.

Of course nobody knew it but me:

Who knew that under that black shoe was a fun and comfortable sock?

I want to make more cotton socks.  They fit well.  I’d been afraid that they’d stretch too much, but they didn’t.

This afternoon was warm but still comfortable and beautiful.  David had class, so Davey and I played outside.  His imagination is just going crazy.  I love to listen to him.

First, he was preparing his magic show.  Here he is with his magic wand.

Next, he was searching for the kangaroo.  The kangaroo was apparently a very important part of the magic act.  Here Davey is yelling, “KANGAROO!!!!  Where are you?”

Next, he found a small knothole filled with muddy water, so he began painting.

Then it was time for a drink:

Next, I convinced him to try on the hat that I am knitting for him.  I was knitting while watching him.  I think he looks exactly like David in this photo!

He was very nice about it for a moment.  Then he wanted the hat gone!

And it was back to playing.  Now it was a peek-a-boo around the trees.

And again!

And one more.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures today as you can see.

Finally, he began to wind down.

It was time to come back inside.  Davey, his imaginary purple dog named Lucy, and me.  The kangaroo never did show up.

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Love your blog posts… Seems like CO is really agreeing with the Bieloh family. Praying that you’ll find a church home if you haven’t already. Love the pics of Davie and the accompanying stories.

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