Davey questions

Davey is asking so many questions.  Tonight, when he was in the bath, he wanted to know where the water goes when it runs down the drain.   In detail.  Details that I am not knowledgeable enough of to provide.  His questions are varied.  This morning, he asked me why sea lions have “fairy wings”.

He also likes to ask us about when we were little.  So tonight it went like this:

“Daddy, what were you like when you were little?  Did you crawl?  Did you wear big underpants or little underpants?”

Then David told him about crawling and being little.

After a question about being little, Davey always says, “was I there too?”

We say no, he wasn’t born yet.

This always makes him kind of sad, and he says, “I miss-ed you then.”  It is sad sweet to hear him say that.  We tell him that we missed  him too.

This morning we went out to Bear Creek Lake Park.  It was beautiful.  We went to watch a friend run a trail race.  Davey had lots and lots and lots of fun playing.  There was dirt, rocks, leaves, a big stick and the edge of a lake.  He loved it.   A German Shepherd came along to swim.  She wanted his stick.  He thought that was pretty fun too.

We also went back to Cider Days!  Just think of all the photos from yesterday and take them times 2!  More donkey riding, barrel trains and bounce houses.

Knitting?  Nope not much, but we had a great weekend!

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