Quiet Tuesday morning

It’s nice to blog in the morning again.  Davey’s eating breakfast and watching a show.  We are off to story hour in a little while.  Then we are going to go find the UPS pick up station place.  I ordered 2 books for Davey over a month ago, and they were lost.  I reported that they were never delivered, and then a UPS guy came by.  Now, the books have been found.  I am curious to know where they were!

I knitted on my sock for awhile yesterday.  Davey likes to play on the balcony while I knit.  He works on “fixing” the sliding glass door.  Any object is a satisfactory tool.  Even a toothbrush.  Then he wanted to do a magic show, so he went off on a hunt for a magic wand.  A large cardboard red block did just fine for him.

We had a clementine picnic too.  They are incredible right now.

So back to today.  It’s a nice quiet morning.

1 thought on “Quiet Tuesday morning

  1. Sounds like a lovely morning. 🙂 It’s raining incredibly hard here, so we’ve voted for staying in and doing nothing. 😉

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