Quickie Sock is Quick and a Haunted House

I finished my first Quickie Sock last night.  The pattern is aptly named.  This sock went so quickly, and it was really fun to do.  What makes it more fun is the handspun that I am knitting with.  It’s really nice.  I’ve been warned by Maya who spun the yarn, that I better keep these socks far far away from the washer and dryer, because it would be felt city.  We’ve already discussed the alternate plan that they might turn into Davey’s socks!

My photographer is at school this morning, and Davey was not too excited about assisting me, so I was on my own photo wise.  I’ll get better pictures when I am done with both socks.

This sock has a really fun toe.  I always say I like to Kitchener stitch the toe, but on this toe you decreased and then threaded a piece of yarn through the last 8 stitches and pulled it tight.  (It suggested doing this last round with a smaller needle for a neater finish so I did that.)  I really like this toe.  I really like the fit of the short row heel as well.

Davey and I also put together a haunted gingerbread house yesterday.  He has been wanting to do this for months ever since he first saw a kit at his Nanny and Pa’s house.  So we decided to give it a whirl.

So here we have everything out ready to go.  Davey likes studying all the different pieces.

He loved adding all the candies, and he wasn’t afraid to get creative with their placement.

He worked very carefully.

One of his favorite parts was adding the grass.  He loved mixing the green food coloring into the coconut.  I actually did the mixing.  He loved watching the color mix in.  He has a fascination with coconut.  This morning he came out of the kitchen clutching the bag of coconut.

And finally he just enjoyed admiring his handiwork.

He’s already talking about starting the next house.

5 thoughts on “Quickie Sock is Quick and a Haunted House

  1. Love the sock. Must hunt down the pattern, because the 937 other sock patterns I have are just not enough. Seriously, it looks very comfy especially on a rainy day like today.

    Love the gingerbread house. Yum!

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