Quickie Socks Done Quickly

I finished the Quickie socks last night.   What a fast and fun knit.  These would make great gifts as they do knit up fast, and it’s an easy but interesting knit.  Of course what made it even more fun was using the Springtree Road handspun yarn.   Next, I’d like to try some handspun fingering weight!

David said I should try a different sock pose, so I teetered around on my toes for as long as I could.  I was never a ballet dancer.

Davey sat in the grass with me.  It really warmed up here today.  It may be one of the last warmer days of the year.

Since it might be one of the last warm days, we went outside and had a picnic for lunch.   This afternoon we baked cookies.  Davey helped me tons.  We had to squish each one with a glass dipped in sugar.  He was great at this.

Then he helped decorate.  He was in charge of sprinkles.  He had a very interesting technique.  I call it the two-handed sprinkle.

These cookies are too crumbly good.

So here’s what is up next in socks.   They are called “Toe to Toe”.  More colorwork – with 3 colors this time. I am using a Knit Picks cotton yarn though.  It worked great for the bobble socks, but I am not 100 percent confident how it will be for fair isle.  I’ll soon find out.   Here’s the colors.  I do like them a lot.

Davey is running up and down the hall as fast as he can go.  He’s been funny with his past tense lately.  Life would be easier as far as verbs go if we could just follow the “Davey rule”.  Just put “TED” at the end of a verb if you want to make it past tense.

Here are a few examples:

“Daddy, I break TED it.”

“Mommy, I lost TED it.”

“Mommy, I miss TED you”  (Particularly sweet sounding.)

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Quickie Socks Done Quickly

  1. Did you notice all your pictures are color coordinated? Great fall tones.

    I have a recipe that Davey might like — really simple sugar cookies with four colors of food coloring that must be squished into the dough by hand. We used to make them for playdates when my girls were younger & they were always a hit.

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