Vanilla Beans and a Hat

I am working on the nicest hat.  The colors are fairly neutral – in hopes that David might like it.  The yarn is so soft though and wonderful to work with.  Unfortunately, I can not for the life of me remember what it is.  I bought it in Arkadelphia before we moved.   I have sent poor Claire what is probably the most annoying question:  “What is that yarn I bought?”

You know what else I like about this yarn?  Every once in awhile I get a little piece of hay/straw/dried grass?  If there was a bunch of it in there, I’d get annoyed, but it’s just kind of nice to come across.  I feel so naturally knitterly like I kinda know where that nice sheep has been.  Strange huh.

Then yesterday Davey and I explored the world of vanilla beans.   I wanted to make this recipe for petite vanilla scones from the Pioneer Woman.   The recipe called for vanilla beans.  I hadn’t ever actually obtained my vanilla from the actual bean, so I thought this would be fun for Davey and me.

So we went to the store to buy them.  It took awhile to find them, but we did.  Did you know that 2 vanilla beans are darn expensive?  But in the interest of learning something new, we decided to go for it.

Davey found them pretty neat-o!

We had to split the vanilla bean and scrape out the “caviar”.  It is like little teeny tiny black dots.  And it smells so so Vanilla -ey!  We both loved smelling the beans!  We scraped out the caviar and mixed it in with heavy cream.  See – it is a wonderful recipe already!

Davey helped me cut the butter into the flour.  I have to say that’s one of my least favorite things to do when cooking.  I need one of those pastry thingamajigs.

Shortly after that, I lost Davey.  He decided he needed to go rest, come back and visit briefly, go rest, come back and visit briefly, go rest, come back and visit briefly.  He was having a great time doing this as I finished the scones.

Then he wanted no part of a picture with the scones.  That was my only chance to make my bad food shots look a little better.  But these scones turned out great.  I highly recommend them.  I didn’t use vanilla bean for the icing though as the recipe calls for because 2 more vanilla beans would have made for some mighty expensive scones.  Maybe worth it though – especially together with my other addiction: chai tea lattes. (I have decided that I like Tazo better than the Oregon-  for those of you who share a love for chai).

Alright time to get to work on that sock while David and I watch Survivor!

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Beans and a Hat

  1. I hope you saved the scraped out beans–cut them into pieces a couple of inches long, then insert them into granulated sugar–maybe one bean total to a cup of sugar. Shake the jar every day. After a few days, you will have the most wonderful vanilla-scented sugar.

    I buy my vanilla beans at Penzeys. They are nice and fresh and priced reasonable well, but you’re right–they are an extravagance. I love the fragrance of vanilla!

  2. I’ve had yarn with random bits of straw-like stuff in it as well and rather like it. Though I half-expect some of the big yarn companies to start adding random bits to their yarn now, to make it seem more natural. 😛

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