Operation Finalize Pottytraining & A Sock

We’ve been working on the pottytraining for awhile.  Our move to Colorado kind of delayed things, but we’ve really begun to focus again in the last couple of weeks.  If you have aversions to discussions of “poop” and “tinkle”, feel free to skip down to a photo of my latest sock – if you’d like to see it.   I have to blog about this though because it’s all part of recording Davey’s life. Besides, I know he is looking forward to reading this when he is 16.

Davey’s got the whole poop thing down.  He rarely has an accident.  It’s the tinkling that we are having trouble with.  We are using pull ups some and training pants as well.  He starts playing and he forgets.  So – thanks to a suggestion from a friend – we tried a new approach yesterday.

We went to Dollar Tree and stocked up on a bunch of little toys.  I wrapped them all in little assorted boxes and bags.  We found all sorts of little fun things that we thought he’d enjoy playing with.   Here’s a not so good picture of our basket of surprises.  An indication of the success of this endeavor can be seen from all the tape as we have re-used these packages several times already.

Well this approach worked like gangbusters.  It worked so well in fact, that Davey must have pottied 1,000 times.  He was really inspired and motivated by the prizes.  I began to think that my initial logic might be wrong.  I had thought that inspiring him with little prizes would be a great motivator, but that it would also save money in the long run on pull-ups and washing training pants.  But after Davey came up with what I call the “teaspoon tinkle”, I began to have my doubts. I went with it though.  I thought that if he was getting on the potty consistently than this was a great thing.  And he did.

So today (after David made another visit to the Dollar Tree last night) we’ve begun Day 2 of Operation Potty Training.  Today we are requiring that there be a little more sizable tinkle to qualify for a prize.  Droplets do not count today.  He’s adapted quite well to that though, and it’s going smoothly so far this morning.

With any luck, we are going to soon have daytime potty training complete!

I don’t really know how to segue from potty training to socks.  I guess I’ll just not try.  I finished sock #1 of Toe to Toe.   I had a little trouble with the heel.  It was a little strange, or probably more likely, I just had not done a heel quite like that before,  and I am not sure I did it correctly.  So I am looking forward to giving it another go on sock #2.

It’s an interesting sock, and it was fun to knit.  It’s also very comfortable.  I love cotton.  It’s not my favorite sock though, but they can’t possibly all be my favorite.  Once again though, I am learning a lot from knitting them.

Ok a final photo:  Davey likes to “stand on his head”.

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Operation Finalize Pottytraining & A Sock

  1. Have you thought about giving stickers for potty training? And then after so many stickers (you decide, 10 maybe?) then he gets a prize.
    Nice looking sock. The heel looks ok so you must’ve done it correctly. 🙂

  2. Believe it or not, someday soon you will be able to start taking it for granted that when Davey needs to GO, he will just go take care of it. Sounds like you’re making progress towards the goal!

    Great sock, too!

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