Lair o’ the Bear

Now there’s a fun blog title!

Yesterday we went to explore Evergreen.  It was a fun mountain town.

Davey enjoyed the wooden sidewalk.  Although his feet are not even touching the ground in this picture.  But what a long-legged booger!

He was very interested in this guy:

A picture with Daddy.

Another picture of Davey just because I liked it so much.  (I can tell already that this is going to be a rather picture heavy post.)

David and Davey had fun trying on hats.  David in particular I think.

We enjoyed watching the ducks.  I think Davey enjoyed watching those little kids in the background just as much.  They were older and so of course very fascinating.  The boys kept trying to chase the ducks.  Davey found this hilarious.

I love it when he crouches down like that.  I guess I am also amazed by his ability to hold this position for so long.

We took a different route going home which resulted  in us going by another Jefferson Open Space Park called Lair O’ the Bear.  It was beautiful there.  The fall colors are amazing.  I took about a skillion pictures, and David wants to go back today to fish. 

I observed a stealthy creature easing through the woods.

Davey gathered leaves.  Actually they were small boats that he wanted to put into the stream.

He also fished.

Here we’d just been watching a Chocolate Lab fetching a stick in the stream.  Over and over.  His name was Jazzy and he was only 10 months old.  I guess he sensed that he and Davey had their youth in common, so he kept running up to Davey.  Davey laughed and loved it.  Then came the two 100+ pound Newfoundlands.  Davey could have ridden them like ponies!  He enjoyed the dogs.

Davey did his happy run with Daddy as they ran down the trail.

Davey liked getting up near the water.  David is right behind him with a very firm grip on his hood!

Finally we had to say goodbye to Lair O’ the Bear.

but – I think we are headed back to today.  David and maybe Davey will fish, and I want to take the puppies.  They will think they are in heaven out there!

6 thoughts on “Lair o’ the Bear

  1. LOVE all the photos! You might want to go up to Evergreen again, from the I-70 direction, going through Bergen Park–that’s where Yarn West is located. Stay on 74, then stop at Elk Meadow for a hike. Did you walk around Evergreen Lake? It’s a nice walk and halfway through you can stop and get ice cream. In the winter, you can skate on the lake. It’s my favorite spot in Evergreen.

  2. Enjoying your ramblings and pictures is the next best thing to being in CO. I’ve passed your URL along to some friends who live in Denver and Boulder. My Denver friends are in seminary but hope they will carve out some time to get out and about a bit more.

  3. I love your posts. It looks like all three of you are enjoying living out west. These are precious days for your family; make the most of it.

  4. You are an adorable family! And your pictures are just incredible, both as a way to document Davey’s life and just because they’re beautiful in their own right.

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