Halloween Eve Birthday

Davey was excited about David’s birthday.  I am pretty sure he was much more excited about Daddy’s birthday than Daddy was.  43!

He enjoyed opening presents with David.

We got David a small cake at a local Denver bakery.  Wow was it a good cake.  They had actual ingredients in the bakery.  Bins of flour and all that.  The cake had a bit of a rough time on the drive home.  Luckily it just slid a little off its base and there was a small bump to the top.

I tried to crop out the bumped corner of the cake:

Davey wanted to decorate the cake with strawberries.

Little King of the Icing proclaimed the cake to be delicious:

We had a fun morning celebration.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a brief trick or treating excursion.  Davey opted for his Spiderman costume this time.  He enjoyed it except he found the mask to be a real pain.

He finally figured out to just shove that mask to his forehead and now he was ready for a little trick or treating.

And then – a lollipop.

Spiderman in action!

By the end of this day of birthday and Halloween celebrating, Davey was worn out.  He’d gone to bed too late the night before, and he was pooped.  He was out before 8 though and had a great night’s sleep.  He’s ready to go one more time.  I think we are going to go to a local nice shopping area to do a last bit of trick or treating. It’s been 4 days of celebration.  And now – Wednesday is his birthday!

Happy Halloween!

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