Gone Fishin’

This morning while I was at school, Davey and David went fishing.  There’s a little lake less than a mile from here.  David was sure that if they used hot dogs  as bait that surely something would bite.  His reasoning was, “What fish could resist a hot dog?”

David packed a picnic lunch.  Here’s a picture.  Guess whose sandwich is whose?  Looks pretty good!  Sandwiches, chips, various cheeses (ok two kinds), crackers, nilla wafers – quite a spread for the fishermen.

Here you see that Davey is ready!  He told me later that this was his “fishin’ cap”.

It was a little cool and windy at the lake, but they gave the fishing a try.  Remember, what fish could resist the prospect of hot dogs?

Apparently, these fish could resist the prospect of hot dogs.  David and Davey got nary a nibble.  Davey determined that the ducks had eaten ALL of the fish.

So Daddy and Davey decided that it was time to eat lunch.

No fish, but I think they had a pretty good time.  Davey was still telling me about it this evening.

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