Some knitting and waiting

Davey is waiting for Oma and Opa to arrive.  He was waiting before we went to story hour and the grocery store this morning, and he began waiting after we returned.

It’s so nice out today that we’ve been out on the balcony.

“Mommy, will you sit out here on the balcony all afternoon and knit while we wait for Oma and Opa?”

“hmmm.. OK!”

So we were outside for awhile.  We had a juice and dried cranberry picnic too.  He loves our little apartment balcony.  He can play and play out there.

I am making the cutest little baby socks.  They are so fun and knit up so nice.  I am using a Tahki  Torino (I think) merino.  Very soft.

I was looking at my 3 hats this morning.  The latest one is supposed to be for David, but I love it too.  I like our little family of hats though.

We are looking forward to Davey’s birthday tomorrow.  3.  Wow!


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