Third Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Davey’s birthday.  What a big day.  His Oma and Opa are here, and so they played all day long.  Luckily it was beautiful outside, so they were at the park for a long time.  They played in the sand.  They played on the playground.  Then we had our little party.  Then more playing!  I think Davey fell asleep in about 5 minutes last night and didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning.  It was a great day in which I didn’t take the greatest of pictures, but birthdays need to be shared in photos, so here I go.

Daddy got Davey those blower favors.  What in the heck are they called.  Ok I googled it.  Blowers they are.

3 candles on a colorful cake.

Davey enjoyed us singing happy birthday to him – well – as much as any person can enjoy everyone looking at you and singing.  He sang with us for awhile as well.

And I know there were only 3 candles, but you should have seen him blow them out.  What a powerful set of lungs!  Ok really, he did blow them out instantly.  He was quite proud.

He enjoyed opening presents.  As the paper would come off, he’d be taking this big gasps of air, “WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT IS THIS!  OH OH!  I ALWAYS WANTED THIS!  Or some variation of this, but he got so excited and sometimes squeals were involved.

The eating of the cake was all about the icing.  As far as Davey was concerned, I could have just bought a pretty blob of icing and stuck a candle in the middle.

So this morning Oma and Davey have been creating monsters with tinker toys and wiki stix.

Today it’s more playing and I think an excursion to Golden.

3 thoughts on “Third Birthday

  1. oh, what fun! happy birthday, davey – matthew would be right there with you to eat frosting on cake and sprinkles on ice cream!

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