Waiting for Snow

Tuesday morning and we are waiting for snow.   By the end of the winter, we may have grown thoroughly tired of snow and cold, but at this time, early in the season, we can not wait!

Davey has been sitting outside, curled up in a blanket, just waiting and waiting.

Ok that’s not true.  I took this a couple of days ago.  What I would like to point out though is the balcony railing behind Davey.  See where it is all brown without a trace of paint?  That’s the handiwork of Koko the chow.  We used to put her and Timber out there to get a little air occasionally.  This infuriated Koko.  She’d put her head between the railings and walk back and forth.  Her collar and tag scraped the paint off.  She also chewed absolutely flat about a 12 inch section of gutter which hangs beside the balcony.

Koko won that battle, and we don’t try to get them to spend any time outside anymore.  She won the battle, and we’ve likely lost our deposit.  She also chewed up and ruined the screen door.  You’d think we left her out there on days on end wouldn’t you.  Nope, she works quickly.  There is no more stubborn dog on the planet than Koko.  Age has not mellowed her at all.  When she was a puppy, she chewed our sapling trees in half just for spite.  (Likely again because she was outside.)  Now that she is approaching 15, she’s maintained her queen of the world attitude.

Anyway,  we are waiting for snow.  Weather channel.com says just showers today and maybe some snow showers late tonight.  National Weather Service online says that we might get a 1/2 inch today and 1 inch tonight.  We are going with the National Weather Service’s prediction today.

In preparation we are off to get snow pants and boots for Davey today so that he can play in all that snow that we are probably not going to get today!

Happy Tuesday!

p.s.  We still love and treasure Koko.  I secretly admire her stubborn spirit and queen of the world attitude.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Snow

  1. If you want it to snow today, you can’t be prepared. That’s the way it works– LOL! But if you insist on being prepared, don’t forget the kid-size snow shovel.

  2. I’ve never met KoKo, but I’m pretty sure I’m in love!
    This last photo of Davey, I can see you in that sweet face.
    I remember these days. They go sooo fast.
    Enjoy your days of waiting. Davey will be thrilled when he actualy gets to see and play in all of that snow. Let me know if it’s a different type, dry instead of wet for snowmen. As for your dep….when you’re ready to move, match the paint! I’m sure it was higher because of your four legged babies, but they’re worth it.! Enjoy!!!

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