Itsy Bitsy Spider

I was taking a few pictures of my current knitting projects.  When I went to download the photos, I found this picture as well.

David is not here, so I asked Davey what was going on here. Apparently he was making a spider with those wiki sticks.  Those are such fun.  Not any spider either.  This is the itsy bitsy spider.  And that’s all he had to say about that.

I have ordered a book which has a pattern that should work for David’s sweater.  We are going to then have a serious discussion about color choices.  David only wears blue or gray.  That might be a slight exaggeration, but if you look through his closet that’s about all you see.  So I am having big doubts about this light gray almost off-white hue for the background.

I am not knitting much.  Here’s what I have done on my next Joy of Sox sock.  I have done 1 ten round repeat.  At this rate, it’s going to be awhile.  It’s just a sock that needs my concentration, and in the evenings I have trouble locating my concentration.

This pattern is so neat though.  I thought I was going to be making bobbles, but this is different.  You increase 1 stitch to 5 stitches and then you knit those 5 stitches as you do the next 2 rows.  Then you do the slip slip pass over slipped stitch thing and take it back to 1.  Really neat.  I hadn’t done that before.

I’ve mostly just been working on David’s socks in the evenings lately as they are easy to knit.  I am in straight stockinette stitch now to the end of the sock.  It’s a gray sock and not incredibly exciting.  I am hoping they will fit David.

That’s about it.  I have another stack of papers staring at me and waiting to be graded.  Tomorrow I will take them on!


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