Ft. Collins, a dog, and cookies!

We went to explore Ft. Collins today.  We’ve decided we really like it there.  They have this historic Old Town area which was really fun.  It was really cold outside, but we bundled up and Davey was ready to stroll.  There was an ice skating rink.  We watched people skate.  Santa was in his house, and the kids were lined up in a line that extended outside way beyond the door.  Davey is not real hot on approaching Santa this year.  David told him that he’d email Santa instead.  Davey wants a bicycle, and he wanted Santa to know.

I loved this big sculpture/rock thing with the ice all not flowing down.

We stopped at a local Mexican place to eat and warm up.  Davey told me his nose was so cold!

There was no story on this picture. I  just really like it.

After we had lunch, we walked around some more.  Davey wanted ice cream.  The thought of eating ice cream made me even more cold, so he agreed that a cookie sounded good too.  I’d heard about some good yarn shops in Ft. Collins, so I was looking it up on my phone as we walked towards Mary’s Mountain Cookies.   Suddenly, I feel this pain on my leg.  I look down and there’s this dog.  He bit me!  No growl or warning.  I hadn’t been paying any attention, and I walked too close to him. Apparently it was a sign that I had no business buying any more yarn and to just forget it!  The dog  just startled me.  I have a small bruise, but that dog should not have been tied on a bike rack.  He snarled at everyone who came by.

Here he is.  I know he doesn’t look too vicious.  I should put a picture of a chihuahua here or something.

David hunted down the owner.  The owner was not apologetic.  He was actually indifferent.  No sense no pain I guess.

The cookies were great.   You can see that Davey enjoyed his.

Despite the dog’s warning, I did buy yarn!  But I want to post about that later.

So we highly recommend a visit to Ft. Collins.  We’ll definitely be going back.

2 thoughts on “Ft. Collins, a dog, and cookies!

  1. I’m sorry that dog bit you! What a bad dog owner, to not even apologize. Hope he had his rabies tag on the dog. He is cute though, where’s that chihuahua photo? My aunt had them, and they were all nasty little dogs!

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