Monday Snow

We had a pretty good snowstorm on Sunday.   Actually, being Colorado newbies, we found it to be pretty darn excellent.

Also, being a Colorado newbie, I thought that schools might be closed today.  Nope.  Actually some were, but many were not.  Ours was not.

David wrote a poem about this:

“I’m new to this country,
so what do I know,
though I doubt folks up here,
are deterred by some snow.”

At 6am, David warmed up the Jeep for me, got the snow brushed off, and he even made a trek to the main road which we take almost all the way to school.  He was satisfied that traffic was moving ok, so off I went.  It wasn’t bad.  Slow, but not bad.

David and Davey stayed home and played in the snow.  It was only about 12 degrees today, but they were out for a long time.  (It was bright and sunny.) They built snow walls.  David piled snow at the bottom of the playground slides for Davey to slide into (into which for Davey to slide <– that just made me laugh).  They marched.  (They were marching home when I got home.)

As for knitting, I almost have the back of The Sweater done for the second time.  I am also knitting a pretty shawlette.  I need to put some pictures up, but the shawl won’t reveal its full beauty until I get it done and blocked.  It’s all bunched up on my needles.  I am using the handspun that I bought from “Murderous Honey” at the craft show.  It’s an addictive yarn to knit.  The colors change and it is in such pretty shades of green.

It will be a nice evening to knit.  Cold, but David has a great fire going.

Oh!  I wore my Boyfriend Socks today.  Nobody knew it but me, but they sure were comfortable.  I wondered how comfortable that Knit Picks Palette yarn would be because it is not super soft, but they were great.  The Boyfriend socks – and a flashback to a warmer season:

2 thoughts on “Monday Snow

  1. I missed seeing those socks earlier. They are super lovely! I haven’t been knitting due to a sprained ligment in a finger. I think it’s under control now and I am looking forward to picking up the needles again!

  2. Those are beautiful socks. I am impressed by the color work!

    We had 4 inches of snow over Sunday night here in TN. Schools are still closed today. It is unusual for the temp to stay cold and keep the snow for this long. It’s actually snowing again as I write this. We have enough milk, bread, and yarn so I am not panicking.

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