Goodbye Super Beasts! Hello Funny Bugs!

Today was Davey’s medal day at tum tum tumbling.  He has not been going to tumbling for long, but he has already gained so much confidence.  It’s been so good for him.  Today he was whipping out the forward rolls, and he let Miss Heather take him across the balance beam and end with a forward roll!

Here he is working hard with Miss Heather.

He did the rotation they had set up over and over again.  He was just having a big time.

Finally it was time for the medal ceremony.  He just finished up the Super Beasts session, and he will be starting in the Funny Bugs.  Now, he will go in without me, and I will watch from behind the glass.  I told him that I can come in whenever he needs me, but I am foolin’ myself.  He is very independent and I imagine he will be just fine.  I think I wrote that when I left him there for a 3 hour camp,  my return was met with tears and fears that I was going to make him leave!

So the medal.  He ran up as fast as he could go with that great goofy legs back and forth to the sides maneuver he does.

His slightly shy triumphant wave. (My camera was not cooperating too well.  Actually, I think I was in bad light and didn’t have the sense to move. )

It was a fun day for him.  He was asking me about Miss Heather right before he fell asleep.  I watched him talk and talk.  His voice kept getting quieter.  Then silence, and he was asleep.

Today is January 11th.  David’s assigned “deadline” for the completion of The Sweater.  Today I finished the back for the second time.  I am running just a little behind.  It’s alright.

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