Quiet Wednesday

It’s a quiet Wednesday night.  I am cleaning up my email.  Gosh what a mess.

Davey wanted a special reading night.  “No library books.”  Instead he chose chose 4 books from his bookcase.  He pulled out some old ones that we have been reading to him since he came home from the hospital.  That was nice.  The Foot Book.  “Left foot left foot, right foot right,  feet in the day and feet in the night.”  We have that memorized.  And “Bear on a bike, as happy as can be.  Bear, where are you going?  Please wait for me.”  Another favorite of ours.

Let’s see.  I am trying to make up my own hat.  It’s very basic, but I really enjoyed the look of the lateral braid, so I tried using some really chunky yarn, and I put in two rounds of lateral braids just above the ribbing.  So far, I kinda like it.  Will try to get it finished up quickly so I can post some pictures.  If I am happy with it and the fit, I’ll put up the basic pattern.

Let’s see.  It’s cold.  Really cold.

That’s about it.  I kind of like a little quiet not much going on post every once in awhile.





3 thoughts on “Quiet Wednesday

  1. I used to be able to recite “Go Dog Go” and a couple of others — it was my last resort while driving to calm down grumpy backseat passengers.

    Enjoy the quiet time. I’m sitting here with my cold feet trying to remember what spring looks like!

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